Monday, August 13, 2007

Dr. Eduardo G. Marzan, Jr., VP for Business Affairs

Dr. Eduardo G. Marzan, Jr., the new vice president for business affairs, is a full professor in the College of Agriculture. He used to be the director of the Commercial Business Office. He succeeded Dr. Miguel L. Aragon II who is on leave due to health problems.

Prior to his designation, Dr. Marzan held various positions such as training facilitator, project leader and director. He was also involved in numerous researches, some of which have been published.

He has received awards including one on peri-urban vegetable production. Recently, he became a recipient of the Lingkod Bayan Award (Group Category) given by the Civil Service Commission to the Grafted Tomato Research and Development Action Team of which he was a member.

As vice president for business affairs, he faces challenges of promoting and improving existing projects of the University Business Affairs Program and creating new ones. "I consider these as test to prove my professional capabilities," he said.

Dr. Marzan plans to carry out the following UBAP thrusts which he formulated for 2007-2009:
(1) Increase the income capability of UBAP by (a) establishing new projects, (b) expanding existing projects, (c) investing for repairs and innovating to improve operation of projects, (d) studying the pricing scheme for agri-based products, (e) establishing more linkages with companies providing inputs to the projects (feeds, fertilizers, chemicals, biologics, etc) and market outlets of products to have better arrangements, and (f) networking with the private sector for possible investments in CLSU through joint venture arrangements like build-operate-transfer.

(2) Minimize the cost of operation of projects by (a) prioritizing fund disbursements, (b) monitoring them more closely, and (c) divesting or closing the poorly performing ones.

(3) Modify or improve the (a) organizational structure, (b) overall UBAP operation, and (c) assistance to other CLSU offices; and

(4) Sustain the provision of rice ration for CLSU faculty and staff using socialized pricing scheme but reasonable prices.

Dr. Marzan finished his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture major in Agricultural Economics at CLSU in 1973. Through a scholarship from the Philippine Council for Agricultural Resources Research, he pursued and finished his master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of the Philippines in 1978 and his Doctor of Philosophy at Kansas State University as a scholar of the Integrated Agricultural Production and Marketing Project in 1981. (Criselda Paderes and Sheila Umagat)