Monday, August 13, 2007

Mestro Singers perform in Thailand

The CLSU Maestro Singers staged their first concert abroad last July 16-22 when they performed at Rajamangala University of Technology in Ayyuthaya, Thailand.

"Our experience in Thailand was truly great. Rajamangala University provided us with superb accommodation and a world-class concert venue," said Prof. Randy P. Ibarra, trainor and conductor of the Maestros.

The Maestro Singers rendered 15 Filipino songs and two Thai native songs during the concert.
The Thailand concert was part of the international performances being lined up by the group starting this school year.

The Maestro Singers are now eyeing Guam and Europe as their next destinations to further expose and showcase the singing talents of their student-members.

"We are glad that people from other countries who visited CLSU have appreciated our talents and invited us to perform in their country," Ibarra added.