Monday, August 13, 2007

'Mushroom Pharming' bags best paper award

The paper ‘Mushroom Pharming of Local and Imported Strains of Medicinal Mushrooms’ received the Best Paper Award during the 19th Agency In-House Review of Completed and On-going Research and Development Projects held at the RET Amphitheatre, CLSU on June 8, 2007.

The paper was the result of the study conducted by Dr. Renato G. Reyes, dean of the College of the Arts and Sciences; Dr. Sofronio P. Kalaw, director of the Center for Tropical Mushroom Research and Development; Prof. Evaristo A. Abella, faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences; and Prof. Nuela O. Frias, Mr. Arce D. Bellere and Ms. Cherry Lee Reyno of the Department of Agri-Management, College of Agriculture.

The study was conducted to develop technology for the production of fruiting bodies and beta-glucan enriched mycelia of medicinal mushrooms using indigenous materials in a practical and innovative production set-up.

In the same In-House Review, Dr. Reyes, Dr. Kalaw and Ms. Marjorie Dantis also received the Best Poster Award for the paper entitled "Mycoglocular-based Probiotics as Possible Feed Supplement for Nile Tilapia using Philippine Strains of Pleurotus sp."