Monday, August 13, 2007

PhilSCAT CHRV LPO353 records highest yield in San Jose City

The Chinese hybrid rice variety (CHRV) LP0353 was proven anew as a superior rice strain, recording a yield of 320 cavans in the recent dry-season field demonstration in San Jose City.
LP0353 was one of three varieties included in the Phil-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology (PhilSCAT) technology demonstration of Chinese hybrid rice varieties in 10 hybrid rice top-growing regions in the Philippines. The other two varieties were LP0330 and LP0364.

Aside from its high yielding quality, LP0353 is also noted for its being resistant to pests and diseases, high milling recovery and good eating quality.

San Jose City farmer-leader Dominador Ercilla, who was the PhilSCAT farmer-cooperator in the project, said the high yield may also be attributed to his strict compliance to Chinese crop management practices.

LP0353 had the most number of tillers at 22.5, most number of filled grains at 255.8 and highest spikelet fertility at 90.3% in all the demo sites. It also recorded a 115 cm plant height and 130 days to mature.

LP0364, the other variety planted in San Jose City, recorded the second highest yield at 253 cavans and took 125 days to mature.

These high records were achieved despite the moderate infestation of pests such as rodents during the early vegetative stage of LP0353 and lodging during the ripening stage of LP0364.
Ercilla was also the highest yielder in the previous season’s techno-demo, recording a yield of 198 cavans from LP0330.

The other techno-demo sites were in Tabuk, Kalinga; Dingras, Ilocos Norte; Roxas, Isabela; Ligao, Albay; Rizal, Occidental Mindoro; Bago, Negros Occidental; Garcia Hernandez, Bohol; Hagonoy, Davao del Sur; and Butuan City, Agusan del Norte.