Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pres. Sevilleja bares programs, thrusts

"CLSU must continue to lead the way in the promotion of quality education, the discovery of new knowledge, and the development of new products and technologies that are beneficial and vital to the growth and progress of our community and society."

Newly appointed CLSU President Dr. Ruben C. Sevilleja emphasized this vision-mission in his acceptance speech during the turn-over ceremony of the presidency at the University Auditorium last May 2.

Prior to this, he took his oath of office before the Commission on Higher Education Chairman Carlito S. Puno soon after he was selected as the 7th president of the 100-year-old Central Luzon State University last April 21.

The president is a noted educator, a renowned researcher and scientist, and a former Vice President for Academic Affairs of CLSU.

A CLSU alumnus graduating his BS in Agriculture major in agricultural economics in 1973, the new CLSU president rose from instructor to professor and researcher to vice president in his almost 33 years of service in the university.

Dr. Sevilleja holds an MS in Aquaculture Economics from Auburn University, Alabama, USA (1978) and a PhD in Development Economics from University of Wales Swansea, United Kingdom (1997).

"I am deeply honored and privileged to accept with humility the duties and responsibilities of the presidency of the Central Luzon State University," Dr. Sevilleja said.

"As new president, I must assume the responsibilities which my predecessors have discharged so well. I have to assess how I could meet the same stern test. Certainly, I must hope for the fullest measure of everybody’s unconditional cooperation and generous support," he pointed out.

Dr. Sevilleja recognized the university’s immediate past presidents, especially Dr. Fortunato A. Battad and Dr. Rodolfo C. Undan, with whom he worked in various administrative capacities in the university.

The new CLSU President identified four paramount tasks that the university needs to address through his leadership with the support and cooperation of the CLSU constituents.

These are (1) to continue to stimulate the quest for knowledge, (2) to transmit that knowledge to the university’s main clientele - the students, farmers and other stakeholders, (3) to remain the masters of that knowledge, and (4) to assess the values which this knowledge should enable CLSU constituents to serve.

He further said, "Universities have become the lynchpin of progress, have absorbed the function of intellectual leadership,and have become principal assets of our economy and our nation."

Dr. Sevilleja pledged to provide a strong and dedicated leadership and hard work to (1) sustain academic excellence, (2) pursue excellence in research and development, (3) expand and intensify extension and community services, (4) participate in national priority thrusts and concerns, (5) upgrade and modernize physical facilities and resources, (6) optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness, (7) improve student welfare and services, (8) enhance faculty and staff welfare, (9) broaden access to higher education, and (10) intensify and expand resource generation programs.

He likewise enjoined the CLSU constituents to help make CLSU a pro-people university and a proactive and engaged partner for progress.

"With focus and resolve, all university constituents and stakeholders must work together in harmony to secure the brightest future for our institution while fulfilling our responsibility to the people and our country", Dr. Sevilleja also said.