Monday, August 13, 2007

CNA gets CSC nod

Finally, the first Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) in Central Luzon State University has been approved and registered with the Civil Service Commission. It took effect on January 16, 2007 and will be in effect until January 16, 2010.

The CNA will pave the way for a harmonious working relationship between the university and the Central Luzon State University Labor Union of Teachers and Employees (CLUTCHES).
The CNA stipulates that incentives may be granted by CLSU to all rank-and-file employees in accordance with PSLMC Resolution No. 04-2002, chargeable against savings and income of the university from all sources. Savings shall be generated through cost-cutting measures, internal income generation, and improved financial management system.

Significantly stated in the CNA also is the agreement of the CLSU Faculty Association, Inc. (CLSU-FAI) and CLSU Non-Academic Staff Association (CLSU-NASA) as represented by the CLUTCHES president, Prof. Clodualdo V. Velasco, to jointly confer on all matters affecting the rights, welfare, decision-making privileges and other concerns of the CLSU faculty and staff. The University, on the other hand, recognizes the three above mentioned organizations as co-equal and co-exist with one another.

Nevertheless, CLUTCHES, CLSU-FAI and CLSU-NASA shall conduct their activities in consonance with their respective constitution and by-laws in conformity with existing laws and university policies, rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, to help raise fund for the CNA incentives, the CLSU administration has started implementing austerity measures to reduce expenditures and enhance cost effectiveness and efficiency in the various programs and projects of the university.